What We Do

Postgraduate athletic scholarships are available at a number of UK universities across a variety of sports. Here you will find what sports UK universities are actively recruiting for.

Free One to One Service

Play Overseas helps student-athletes extend their sporting career beyond their senior year of eligibility.

We work with graduates from NCAA/NAIA institutions and help to identify postgraduate athletic scholarship opportunities that will allow our athletes the chance to continue their student-athlete career into their postgraduate education.

Our free one to one college counselling service will allow you to explore what options you will have overseas.

We Get To Know You

We want to know what you want to achieve and your ambitions for the future. Then we want to help you get there.

Through our years of working in sport and international education, we understand that every student-athlete is unique. Every student has very different academic ambitions, different sporting ambitions and is looking for a different opportunity. Our expert team are on hand to help you find the right option to extend your student-athlete career into your graduate education.

The recruitment process will work similarly to that of U.S. college recruitment. We will collect in all of your academic and sporting credentials and speak to you about your future ambitions. When we understand what you are looking for, we will then promote your profile to a number of UK university coaches throughout our network to generate options that meet your specific profile. When a coach is interested, we will then connect you directly with their staff so you can explore each option in more detail!

What Are The Requirements?

If you have decided that you want to explore athletic scholarships and what opportunities you could have overseas, the next step is to complete our online application form.

Information that you need to have ready ahead of completing our application form includes:

  • Copy of final transcript (or most recent completed semester if you have not yet graduated. We can accept unofficial copies of transcripts for the purpose of our evaluation – your eventual UK University will require an official copy for you to pass through admission).

  • An up to date resume.

  • Link to a highlight video to overview you sporting ability.

  • Letters of reference to support your application are also encouraged.

We will support you the whole way through the process; helping you to evaluate your options and scholarship offers as well as being there to assist with the admission and student visa application should you decide to take your career overseas!

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