Available Postgraduate Courses

Play Overseas works with universities across the United Kingdom. Across our wide range of partner universities we are able offer students the opportunity to further their sporting career and study a masters degree in one of the below subjects:

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There are currently 134 postgraduate courses in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Cancer Biology - MRes
Cardiology and Stroke - MSc
Career Development - MA
Career Guidance - MA
Career Guidance and Development - MSc
Careers Leaders Training programme - MA
Cell Biology - MRes
Chartered Institute of Public Relations - Advanced Certificate
Chemical Engineering - MSc
Chemical Engineering with Information Technology and Management - MSc
Chemistry - MRes
Chemistry Analytical - MRes
Chemistry/Chemistry (Professional Practice) - MSc
Child Forensic Studies - Psychology and Law - MSc
Child Protection - Postgraduate Certificate
Child Psychology Applied  - MSc
Childhood Practice - BA / Graduate Diploma
Childhood Studies and Early Years - MA
Childhood Youth and Social Policy - MA
Children and Young People - MSc
Children Youth and International Development - MA
Children's Book Illustration - MA
Children's Literature - MA
Choreography - MA
Christian Theology - MA / Anglican Studies / Catholic Studies
Cinematography for Film and Television - MA
Civil Engineering - MSc
Civil Engineering with Environmental Engineering - MSc
Civil Engineering with Geotechnical Engineering - MSc
Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering - MSc
Classics - MA
Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology - MSc
Clinical Child Psychology - MSc
Clinical Dermatology - MSc
Clinical Pharmacy Practice Advancing - MSc
Clinical Practice, Advanced - MSc
Clinical Practitioner, Advanced - MSc
Clinical Research - MSc
Clinical Skin Integrity and Wound Management - MSc
Cloud and Enterprise Computing - MSc
Coaching and Development - MSc
Coaching and Mentoring Postgraduate Certificate
Coastal and Marine Resource Management - MSc
Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience - MSc
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - MSc
Cognitive Neuroscience - MSc
Collaborative Theatre Making - MA
Commercial Games Development - MSc
Commercial Law - LLM
Commercial Law International - LLM
Commercial Photography - MA
Communication and Applied Linguistics - MA
Communication and Cultural Policy - MA
Communication Culture and Media - MA
Communication International - MA
Communications and Information Engineering - MSc
Computer Animation - MSc
Computer Animation and Visual Effects - MSc
Computer Communication Networks - MSc
Computer Games Development - MA / MSc
Computer Games Technology - MSc
Computer Network Administration and Management - MSc
Computer Science - Msc / MRes / MSci/BSc (Hons) / Advanced
Computer Security - MSc
Computer Systems Development (Advanced) - MSc
Computing Applied  - MA/MSc
Computing (Advanced) - MSc
Computing Systems - MSc
Conflict and Cooperation International - MSc
Conflict Displacement and Human Security - MA
Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding - MSc
Conservation Architecture - MA
Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects - MA
Construction Engineering Management - MSc
Construction Law and Dispute Resolution - LLM / MSc
Construction Law International - MSc
Construction Management - MSc
Construction Management with BIM - MSc
Construction Management with Digital Engineering - MSc
Construction Project and Cost Management - MSc
Construction Project Management - MSc
Consumer Psychology - MSc
Contemporary Arts Practice - MA
Contemporary Crafts - MA
Contemporary Drug and Alcohol Studies - MSc
Contemporary Film Culture - MA
Contemporary Nursing - MSc
Contemporary Performance Practices - MA
Contemporary Textiles - MA
Contract Management for PPP/PFI - Advanced Prof Diploma
Control Engineering MSc
Conversion Adaptation and Care of Buildings
Corporate and Insolvency Law - LLM
Corporate Brand Management MSc
Corporate Communication - MA / MSc
Corporate Finance MSc
Corporate Governance - MSc
Corporate Law - LLM
Corporate Real Estate - MSc
Counselling and Psychotherapy - MA
Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption - MSc
Countering Organised Crime - MA
Creative Industries - MRes
Creative Media Practice - MA
Creative Music Production - MA
Creative Producing - MA/MFA
Creative Technology - MSc
Creative Writing - MA / Mlitt
Creative Writing and Publishing - MA
Creative Writing Professional - MA
Crime Science - MSc
Criminal Justice - MSc
Criminal Justice International - MSc
Criminal Psychology - MSc
Criminological Research - MRes
Criminology - MA / MSc
Criminology (Social Research Methods) - MA
Criminology and Criminal Justice - MSc
Crisis and Disaster Management - MSc
Critical Youth and Community Studies - MSc
Crowded Places and Public Safety Management - MSc
Cultural Diplomacy and International Events - MA
Cultural Diplomacy and International Music - MA
Cultural Heritage Management International - MA
Culture - MRes
Culture and Evolution - MSc
Culture Style and Fashion - MA
Curating - MA/MFA
Cyber Security - MSc
Cyber Security and Big Data - MSc
Cyber Security and Human Factors - MSc
Cyber Security Management - MBA MSc
Cybercrime MSc
Cyberpsychology - MSc

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