Recruit from PlayOverseas

Play Overseas works with talented athletes and connects them with UK based universities, giving them the chance to further their sporting career alongside their education.

Recruiting from PlayOverseas

Our talented and diverse student body is made up of some of the world’s best amateur athletes, competing in a wide range of sports. These talented individuals are motivated to succeed in the sporting arena as well as the classroom. As our student body grows, we are always looking for new pathways for our students and are keen to explore as many options as possible.

About us

Play Overseas is owned by International Sporting Solutions Limited. For years, Sporting Solutions has been assisting talented athletes from around the world pursue sports scholarships at U.S. universities, where they have the opportunity to train on a full-time basis whilst working towards their undergraduate education.

The eligibility rules of college sport in America are very strict and in most cases, when an athlete has competed for the full four years of their undergraduate education, they will have exhausted all of their eligibility to play college sport in America. Having maintained contact with our students as they progress to university in America, we understand that many of them have the desire to continue their sporting career, as well as furthering their education.

Choose athletes that suit your University

All of our athletes have detailed sporting history available including full academic credentials and video footage to confirm their ability, allowing you and your coaching staff to select the recruits that best suit the needs of your team.

Recruit with confidence

In our first full recruitment cycle, 2018/19, we helped over 70 students further their sporting career whilst pursuing a masters degree.

With this process giving graduating student-athletes the opportunity to complete their education in a shorter timeframe whilst still allowing them to compete in their desired sport, we fully expect that Play Overseas will continue to grow.

Get in touch

If you wish to explore how Play Overseas can assist your international office and sport department in the recruitment of students from the United States, simply send complete the form on the right and we will arrange a time to speak in more detail.

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We have been working with Play Overseas over the last 3 years. Harry and his team have a great athlete centered approach and ensures all transitions are supported with good communication and introductions.The process that is followed is robust and Harry has built up a great relationship with our coaches to find the right athletes that fit our sporting programme.

Martin Wells

Sport Development Manager at Bournemouth University