Play Your Sport

Your senior year in college doesn’t have to be the end of your playing career. Play Overseas will help you to extend your career and identify opportunities that meet your sporting ambitions.

Earn Your Masters

Masters degrees take just 12 months to complete in the UK and cost far less than that of the U.S. Add an international qualification to your resume and achieve a scholarship to help reduce the cost.

Explore The World

Use your sporting ability to explore the world. Experience the British culture and their love for sport. Use your universities holidays to travel throughout the country and parts of Europe!

What We Do

Play Overseas helps student-athletes extend their sporting career beyond their senior year of eligibility. We work with graduates from NCAA/NAIA institutions and help to identify postgraduate athletic scholarship opportunities that will allow our athletes the chance to continue their student-athlete career into their postgraduate education. Our free one to one college counselling service will allow you to explore what options you will have overseas.

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How Does It Work?

Through our years of working in sport and international education, we understand that every student-athlete is unique. Every student has very different academic, different sporting ambitions and is looking for a different opportunity. Our expert team are on hand to help you find the right option to extend your student-athlete career into your graduate education. The recruitment process will work similarly to that of U.S. college recruitment and begins with us collecting all of your athletic and sporting credentials and speak to you about your future ambitions.

Submit Your Application

When we understand what you are looking for, we will then promote your profile to a number of UK university coaches throughout our network and look to generate options that meet both your academic and sporting ambitions.

Explore Your Options

When a coach is interested, we will then connect you directly with their staff so you can explore each option in more detail! Our expert team will be on hand to provide advice and detailed information about each UK University.

Play Overseas

We will support you the whole way through the process, helping you to evaluate options and offers as well as being there to assist with the admission and student visa application should you decide to play overseas!

Your Sporting Career In Safe Hands

We are extremely experienced with working with both student-athletes and U.S. college coaches. We have been assisting U.S. college coaches with the recruitment of international student-athletes for many years, across a number of different sports. Our service is 100% free for students. All students who progress through this service will benefit from our one to assistance and will have our full support throughout their admission and student visa application.

Student Athlete Testimonials

Over our years working with international student-athletes and college coaches, we are proud to have received some kind words for the services we provide. If you’re considering Play Overseas, you’ll want to find out what our current student athletes think of our service, here are just a few student athletes who wanted to share their experiences with you and you can find even more here.

Play Overseas

Natalie Konerth

American University

“Sporting solutions helped me to connect with schools, get in contact with coaches, and provided invaluable advice on the overseas athletic experience! They helped me to find opportunities that I did not even know existed, and I certainly would not be going to Durham without their assistance!”

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Play Overseas

Déma Sané

Oklahoma City University

“I came in contact with Harry through my brother, and instantly I could sense he was a determined person. Basketball is not all my life but a very important part of it. It was basketball that helped me get and education and graduate with a business degree. So when I finished college…”

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Play Overseas

Alex Baguley

Keiser University

“Harry contacted me as I was finishing studying in the states and gave me a fantastic opportunity coming home to the UK. Harry put me in the best position in to speak to some of the best sporting programs in the country which also allowed me to complete my postgraduate studies. I am now…”

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