Available Postgraduate Courses

Play Overseas works with universities across the United Kingdom. Across our wide range of partner universities we are able offer students the opportunity to further their sporting career and study a masters degree in one of the below subjects:

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There are currently 982 postgraduate courses in this directory
Academic Writing Development and Research - MA
Accounting - MSc
Accounting and Business Management - MSc
Accounting and Finance - MSc
Accounting and Finance International - MSc
Accounting and Financial Management - MSc
Acoustics - MSc
Acoustics / Noise Control - Inst of Acoustics Diploma
Acting - MA / MFA
Additive Manufacturing - MSc
Advanced Practice - MA / MSc
Advertising - MA
Advertising and Marketing - MA
Aerospace - MSc
Aerospace Engineering - MSc
Agroecology Water and Food Sovereignty - MSc
Air Transport Management - MSc
Ancient Philosophy - MA
Animal Behaviour Applications for Conservation - MSc
Animation - MA
Animation 3D Computer - MA
Anthropology - MA
Anthropology Medical - MSc
Anthropology of Childhood Youth and Education - MSc
Anthropology Socio-Cultural - MA
Applied Wildlife Conservation - MSc
Aquatic Biology Applied - MSc
Aquatic Pathobiology - MSc
Aquatic Veterinary Studies - MSc
Archaeology - MA
Architectural Technology and Design - MSc
Architecture - MA / MRes / MArch / Prof. Cert.
Architecture and Urbanism - MA / March
Architecture Design and the Built Environment - MRes
Art and Design - MA
Art Psychotherapy Practice - MA
Art Therapy - MA
Artificial Intelligence - MBA
Artist Teacher - MEd
Audio Engineering - MSc
Automotive and Motorsport Engineering - MSc
Automotive Design - MA
Automotive Engineering - MSc / PG Cert
Automotive Journalism - MA
Automotive Systems Engineering - MSc
Banking and Finance - MSc
Banking and Finance Law International - LLM
Banking and Investment International - MSc
Bar Professional Training Course - LLM
Behavioural Decision Making for Finance - MSc
Behavioural Science - MSc
Behavioural Science for Management - MSc
Biblical Studies - MA
Big Data - MSc
Bioarchaeology - MSc
Biodiversity Conservation - MRes / MSc
Biological Anthropology - MSc
Biomechanics - MRes
Biomedical Biomechanics and Bioelectronics Engineering - MSc
Biomedical Genetics and Tissue Engineering - MSc
Biomedical Science - MSc / Advanced
Biomedical Science Research Applied - MSc
Bioprocess Engineering - MSc
Bioscience - MRes
Bioscience Applied - MSc
Biotechnology - MSc / MRes / MSc
Brand Management - MA
Branding and Advertising - MSc
Branding and Identity - MA
Broadcast Journalism - MA
Building Information Management - MSc
Building Information Modelling in Design Construction & Operations - MSc
Building Modelling and Simulation - Advanced Prof. Diploma
Building Performance and Evaluation - Advanced Prof. Diploma
Building Services Engineering - MSc
Building Services Engineering with Sustainable Energy - MSc
Building Surveying - Graduate Diploma
Building Surveying - MSc
Business Administration - MBA
Business Analysis and Consultancy - MSc
Business Analytics - MSc
Business and Computer Studies - MA/MSc
Business and Financial Law - LLM
Business and Management - MSc
Business and Organisational Psychology - MSc
Business and Organisational Strategy - MSc
Business Development - MBA
Business Economics International - MSc
Business Finance - MSc
Business Intelligence and Social Media - MSc
Business International - MA / MSc
Business International - MSc
Business Law - LLM
Business Law International - LLM
Business Logistics International - MSc
Business Management  - MA/MSc
Business Management International - MSc
Business Psychology - MSc
Cancer Biology - MRes
Cardiology and Stroke - MSc
Career Development - MA
Career Guidance - MA
Career Guidance and Development - MSc
Careers Leaders Training programme - MA
Cell Biology - MRes
Chartered Institute of Public Relations - Advanced Certificate
Chemical Engineering - MSc
Chemical Engineering with Information Technology and Management - MSc
Chemistry - MRes
Chemistry Analytical - MRes
Chemistry/Chemistry (Professional Practice) - MSc
Child Forensic Studies - Psychology and Law - MSc
Child Protection - Postgraduate Certificate
Child Psychology Applied  - MSc
Childhood Practice - BA / Graduate Diploma
Childhood Studies and Early Years - MA
Childhood Youth and Social Policy - MA
Children and Young People - MSc
Children Youth and International Development - MA
Children's Book Illustration - MA
Children's Literature - MA
Choreography - MA
Christian Theology - MA / Anglican Studies / Catholic Studies
Cinematography for Film and Television - MA
Civil Engineering - MSc
Civil Engineering with Environmental Engineering - MSc
Civil Engineering with Geotechnical Engineering - MSc
Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering - MSc
Classics - MA
Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology - MSc
Clinical Child Psychology - MSc
Clinical Dermatology - MSc
Clinical Pharmacy Practice Advancing - MSc
Clinical Practice, Advanced - MSc
Clinical Practitioner, Advanced - MSc
Clinical Research - MSc
Clinical Skin Integrity and Wound Management - MSc
Cloud and Enterprise Computing - MSc
Coaching and Development - MSc
Coaching and Mentoring Postgraduate Certificate
Coastal and Marine Resource Management - MSc
Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience - MSc
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - MSc
Cognitive Neuroscience - MSc
Collaborative Theatre Making - MA
Commercial Games Development - MSc
Commercial Law - LLM
Commercial Law International - LLM
Commercial Photography - MA
Communication and Applied Linguistics - MA
Communication and Cultural Policy - MA
Communication Culture and Media - MA
Communication International - MA
Communications and Information Engineering - MSc
Computer Animation - MSc
Computer Animation and Visual Effects - MSc
Computer Communication Networks - MSc
Computer Games Development - MA / MSc
Computer Games Technology - MSc
Computer Network Administration and Management - MSc
Computer Science - Msc / MRes / MSci/BSc (Hons) / Advanced
Computer Security - MSc
Computer Systems Development (Advanced) - MSc
Computing Applied  - MA/MSc
Computing (Advanced) - MSc
Computing Systems - MSc
Conflict and Cooperation International - MSc
Conflict Displacement and Human Security - MA
Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding - MSc
Conservation Architecture - MA
Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects - MA
Construction Engineering Management - MSc
Construction Law and Dispute Resolution - LLM / MSc
Construction Law International - MSc
Construction Management - MSc
Construction Management with BIM - MSc
Construction Management with Digital Engineering - MSc
Construction Project and Cost Management - MSc
Construction Project Management - MSc
Consumer Psychology - MSc
Contemporary Arts Practice - MA
Contemporary Crafts - MA
Contemporary Drug and Alcohol Studies - MSc
Contemporary Film Culture - MA
Contemporary Nursing - MSc
Contemporary Performance Practices - MA
Contemporary Textiles - MA
Contract Management for PPP/PFI - Advanced Prof Diploma
Control Engineering MSc
Conversion Adaptation and Care of Buildings
Corporate and Insolvency Law - LLM
Corporate Brand Management MSc
Corporate Communication - MA / MSc
Corporate Finance MSc
Corporate Governance - MSc
Corporate Law - LLM
Corporate Real Estate - MSc
Counselling and Psychotherapy - MA
Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption - MSc
Countering Organised Crime - MA
Creative Industries - MRes
Creative Media Practice - MA
Creative Music Production - MA
Creative Producing - MA/MFA
Creative Technology - MSc
Creative Writing - MA / Mlitt
Creative Writing and Publishing - MA
Creative Writing Professional - MA
Crime Science - MSc
Criminal Justice - MSc
Criminal Justice International - MSc
Criminal Psychology - MSc
Criminological Research - MRes
Criminology - MA / MSc
Criminology (Social Research Methods) - MA
Criminology and Criminal Justice - MSc
Crisis and Disaster Management - MSc
Critical Youth and Community Studies - MSc
Crowded Places and Public Safety Management - MSc
Cultural Diplomacy and International Events - MA
Cultural Diplomacy and International Music - MA
Cultural Heritage Management International - MA
Culture - MRes
Culture and Evolution - MSc
Culture Style and Fashion - MA
Curating - MA/MFA
Cyber Security - MSc
Cyber Security and Big Data - MSc
Cyber Security and Human Factors - MSc
Cyber Security Management - MBA MSc
Cybercrime MSc
Cyberpsychology - MSc
Data Analytics - MSc
Data Analytics Applied - MSc
Data Analytics for Business - MSc
Data Science - Mres / MSc
Data Science and Analytics - MSc
Data Science and Computational Intelligence - MSc
Data Science for Business - MSc
Defence Development and Diplomacy - MSc
Design - MA
Design and Branding Strategy - MA
Design and Culture - MA
Design and Transport - MSc
Design Innovation - MA / Mres
Design Innovation Management - MSc
Design Management - MA
Design Practice Professional - MA
Design Strategy and Innovation - MA
Design- Products and Furniture - MA
Design- Products and Technology - MSc
Development Law International - LLM
Developmental Psychology (Research Methods) - MA
Developmental Psychopathology - MSc
Dietetics - MSc
Digital Communication Systems - MSc
Digital Creative Media - MSc
Digital Design and Branding - MSc
Digital Design Innovation - MSc
Digital Economy - LLM
Digital Effects - MA
Digital Games Theory and Design - MA
Digital Innovation Management - MSc
Digital Marketing - MBA
Digital Marketing - MSc / MA
Digital Marketing Management - MSc
Digital Media - MSc
Digital Media and Society - MA / MSc
Digital Media Arts - MA
Digital Music Practice - MA
Digital Service Design - MSc
Digital Technologies - MRes
Digital Technology for Engineering - MSc
Diplomacy and International Governance - MRes
Diplomacy Business and Trade - MSc
Diplomacy Law and Global Change - MA
Diplomacy Statecraft and Foreign Policy - MSc
Directing Film and Television - MA
Disaster Management - MSc
Disaster Management and Resilience - MSc
Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics - MSc
Distributed Computing Systems Engineering - MSc
Documentary Filmmaking - MA
Documentary Journalism - MA
Documentary Production - MA
Drama and Creative Writing in Education - MA
Dramatherapy - MA
e-Health - MSc
Early Childhood Education - MA
Early Childhood Leadership and Practice - MA
Early Years Practice Health Visiting - MSc
Economics - MSc
Economics and Business Strategy - MSc
Economics and Finance - MSc
Economics and International Business - MSc
Economics Experimental - MSc
Economics Finance and Banking - MSc
Economics for Business and Policy - MSc
Economics Public - MSc
Education - MA / MSc
Education (Early Years) - MA
Education and Leadership Professional - MSc
Education International - MA
Education Practice - MA
Education Studies - MA
Educational Assessment - MSc
Educational Leadership - MA / MSc
Educational Leadership and Management - MBA
Educational Research - MRes
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - MSc
Electrical Automotive Engineering - MSc
Electronic and Electrical Engineering - MSc
Electronic Systems - MRes
Embedded Intelligent Systems - MSc
Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems - MSc
Emergency Management and Resilience - MSc
Employment Relations and Human Resource Management - MSc
Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation - MRes / MSc
Energy and Natural Resources Law - LLM
Energy and Power Systems Management - MSc
Energy and Society - MSc
Energy Law and Policy International - LLM
Energy Law and the Environment - LLM
Engineering - MRes
Engineering Aerospace - MSc
Engineering and Management - MSc / MA
Engineering Automotive - MSc
Engineering Business Management - MSc
Engineering Cybernetics and Communications - MSc
Engineering Design - MSc
Engineering Electrical and Electronics - MSc
Engineering Electronics - MSc
Engineering Electronics and Communications - MSc
Engineering Geology - MSc
Engineering Learning at Work - MA/MSc
Engineering Management - MSc
Engineering Manufacturing - MSc
Engineering Mechanical - MSc
Engineering Professional - MSc
Engineering Project Management - MSc
English Language and Linguistics - MLitt
English Language Teaching - MA
English Literary Research - MRes
English Literary Studies - MA
English Literature - MA
English- Contemporary Literatures - MA
Enhanced Educational Practice - MEd
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education - MA
Entrepreneurial Design Management - MSc
Entrepreneurship - MSc
Entrepreneurship and Business Development - MSc
Entrepreneurship and Innovation - MRes
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management - MSc
Entrepreneurship Finance and Innovation - MSc
Environment Heritage and Policy - MSc
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics - MSc
Environmental Consultancy - MSc
Environmental Geology and Contamination - MSc
Environmental Health - MSc
Environmental Health Professional Practice - MSc
Environmental Law and Sustainable Development - LLM
Environmental Management - MSc / Mres
Environmental Management for Agriculture - MSc
Environmental Monitoring for Management - MSc
Environmental Policy and Governance - LLM / MSc
Environmental Sustainability - MRes
Equality and Diversity - MSc
Equine Performance Health and Welfare - MRes / MSc
Ergonomics (Human Factors) - Diploma MSc PG certificate
Ergonomics in Health and Community Care - MSc
European Master's in Renewable Energy - MSc
European Trade and Commercial Law - LLM
Events Management - MSc
Events Management International - MSc
Events Marketing - MSc
Executive - MBA
Executive and Business Coaching - MA
Executive Education Diploma - MSc
Exercise as Medicine - MSc
Exercise Physiology - MSc / MRes
Experimental Economics - MSc
Facade Engineering - MSc
Facilities Management - MSc
Fashion - MA / MFA
Fashion and Textile Design - MA
Fashion Business International - MA
Fashion Management International - MBA / MA
Fashion Marketing International - MSc
Film and Television - MSc
Film and Television Production - MA
Filmmaking - MA / MFA
Final Examination in Professional Practice (Part 3) Architecture
Finance - MBA / MSc
Finance - MSc
Finance (Accounting and Finance) - MSc
Finance (Corporate and International Finance) - MSc
Finance (Economics and Finance) - MSc
Finance (Finance and Investment) - MSc
Finance (International Banking and Finance) - MSc
Finance (International Money Finance and Investment) - MSc
Finance and Accounting - MSc
Finance and Accounting with CIMA - MSc
Finance and Banking International - MSc
Finance and Investment - MSc
Finance and Investment Banking - MSc
Finance and Management - MSc
Finance and Risk - MSc
Finance International - MSc
Finance Islamic - MSc
Financial and Political Relations International - MSc
Financial Law International - LLM
Financial Mathematics - MSc
Financial Regulation and Corporate Law International - LLM
Financial Risk Management - MSc
Financial Technology (FinTech) - MSc
Fine Art - MA / MFA
Flood and Coastal Engineering - MSc
Folklore Studies - MA
Food Industry Technical Professional Degree Apprenticeship - BSc
Forensic Accounting - MSc
Forensic Anthropology - MSc
Forensic Archaeology - MSc
Forensic Information Technology - MSc
Forensic Mental Health - MSc
Forensic Psychology - MSc
Forensic Psychology and Crime - MSc
Forensic Science - MSc
Formulation Science - MSc
Foundations of Clinical Psychology - MSc
Fraud Investigation Management - MSc
Games Art and Design - MA
Gender Studies (Applied) - MSc
General Law - LLM
Geographical Information Systems - MSc
Geography (Research Methods) - MA
Geography (Risk) - MA / MSc
Geography and Environmental Management - MRes
Geological and Environmental Hazards - MSc
Gerontology - MSc
Gerontology with Dementia Care - MSc
Global - MBA
Global Business - MBA / MSc
Global Communication and Development - MA
Global Diversity Governance - MPA
Global Entrepreneurship - MA
Global Finance - MSc
Global Financial Services - MBA
Global Financial Trading - MSc
Global Food Security and Development - MRes / MSc
Global Health Care Management - MSc
Global Journalism and Public Relations - MA
Global Media and Cultural Industries - MA
Global Political Economy - MSc
Global Politics - MSc
Global Primary Care Management - MSc
Global Supply Chain Management - MSc / MBA
Globalization and Cities - MSc
Governance Risk management and Compliance - LLM
Graduate Diploma in Law/CPE
Graphic Arts - MA
Graphic Design - MA
Graphic Design and Typography - MA
Graphic Design and Visualisation - MA
Graphic Design Theory and Practice - MA
Greece Rome and the Near East - MA
Green Economy - MSc
Health and Community Care - MSc
Health and Medical Education - MSc
Health and Medical Simulation - MSc
Health and Safety - MSc
Health Care - MBA
Health Law and Ethics - LLM
Health Psychology - MSc
Health Science - MRes
Health Studies - MSc
Healthcare Management - MBA
High Performance Building Engineering MSc
Higher Education - MA
Higher Education Administration Management and Leadership - MSc
Higher Education Practice - MEd
Highways and Transportation Engineering MSc
Historical Research - MRes
History - MA
History Social and Economic History (Research Methods) - MA
Holocaust and Genocide (by Research) - MA
Hospitality and Tourism Management International - MSc
Hotel and Food Services Management MSc
Housing and Neighbourhood Management - Advanced Prof. Diploma
Housing Regeneration and Urban Management - MA
Housing Studies (with internship) - MSc / PG Dip
Human and Applied Physiology - MSc
Human Animal Interaction - MSc/MA
Human Factors and Ergonomics for Patient Safety - MSc
Human Factors for Inclusive Design - MSc
Human Factors in Aviation - MSc
Human Factors in Transport - MSc
Human Resource Development Top-up - MSc
Human Resource Management - MA / MSc
Human Resource Management International - MBA / MSc
Human Resources and Employment Relations - MSc
Human Resources Practice - Certificate in
Human Rights Advocacy - LLM
Human Rights and Justice - LLM
Human Rights Law International - LLM
Human Rights Practice International - MA
Humanitarian Psychosocial Intervention International - MSc
Humanities - MRes
Humanities and Social Sciences - MRes
Hypnosis in Research Medicine and Clinical Practice - MSc
Illustration - MA
Illustration and Animation - MA
Illustration and Book Arts - MA
Inclusive Education - MEd
Inclusive Practice in Education - MA
Industrial Mathematical Modelling - MSc
Industrial Product Design - MSc
Information and Network Security - MSc
Information and Technology - MSc
Information Management - MSc
Information Management and Business Technology - MSc
Information Security and Digital Forensics - MSc
Information Systems - MSc
Information Systems Management - MSc
Information Technology - MSc
Innovation and Applied Entrepreneurship - MSc
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship - MSc
Integrated Industrial Design - MSc
Integrated Product Design - MSc
Integrative Counselling and Coaching - MSc
Intellectual Property and Data Protection Law - LLM
Intellectual Property Law - LLM
Intellectual Property Law International - LLM
Intellectual Property LLM
Intelligence - MSc
Intelligence and Security Studies - MA
Intercultural Communication - MA
Intercultural Communication and Education - MA
Interdisciplinary Psychology - MA
Interior Architecture and Design - MA
Interior Design - MA
International Development - MA
Internet of Things - MSc
Internet of Things with Cyber Security - MSc
Investigative Forensic Psychology - MSc
Investment Analysis - MSc
Investment and Finance International - MSc
Investment Management - MSc
Islamic Finance - MSc
Islamic Finance and Management - MSc
IT Law and Policy - LLM
IT Security - MSc
Journalism - MA / MSc
Journalism and Media Communications - MA
Journalism International - MSc / MA
Landscape Architecture - MA
Landscape Architecture Professional - MA
Landscape Architecture with Conversion Professional - MA
Languages Literatures Cultures - MA
Law - LLM
Law and Governance International - LLM
Law and Legal Practice International - LLM
Law Corporate - LLM
Law European Trade and Commercial - LLM
Law International - LLM
Law International and Governance - LLM
Law International Trade and Commercial - LLM
Laws Master of - LLM
Leadership and Management - MA
Leadership in Education - MA
Leadership in Education - MA / Med
Leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing - MA
Leading and Developing Services - MA
Leading People-centred Integrated Care - MSc
Legal Practice Course - LLM
Linguistics (by Research) - MA
Linguistics and TESOL Applied - MA
Literary Media - MA
Literature and Culture - MA
Logistics and Supply Chain Management - MSc
Low Energy Building Services Engineering MSc
Luxury Fashion Brand Management - MA
Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MSc
Management - MA / MSc
Management (Entrepreneurship) - MSc
Management (Finance) - MSc
Management (International Business) - MSc
Management (Muscat) - MSc
Management (Supply Chain Logistics) - MSc
Management and Business Analytics - MSc
Management and Emerging Economies International - MSc
Management and English Language Teaching - MSc
Management and Finance - MSc
Management and Global Logistics - MSc
Management and Human Resources - MSc
Management and International Business - MSc
Management and Islamic Finance - MSc
Management and Leadership - MSc
Management and Marketing - MSc
Management and Work in a Global Context - MSc
Management Information Systems - MSc
Management International - MSc
Management of Information Technology - MSc
Management with Human Resources - MSc
Management with Project Management - MSc
Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations - MSc
Managing Sustainability - Advanced Professional Diploma in
Manual Therapy - MSc
Manufacturing Engineering and Management (Advanced) - MSc
Manufacturing Management - MSc
Manufacturing Systems (Advanced) - MSc 
Manufacturing Technology (Advanced) - MSc
Maritime Security - MA
Maritime Studies - MSc
Marketing - MSc
Marketing and Digital Strategy - MSc
Marketing Communications - MSc
Marketing Communications Practice MA
Marketing International - MBA / MSc
Marketing Management International - MSc
Marketing Management MSc
Master of Business Administration - MBA
Master of Laws - LLM
Master of Midwifery
Master of Public Administration - MPA
Master of Research in Business and Management
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
Materials Engineering Advanced - MRes
Materials Science and Technology Diploma - MSc
Mathematical Finance - MSc
Mathematical Sciences - MSc / MRes
Mathematics and Data Science - MSc
Mechanical Engineering - MSc
Mechanical Engineering (Advanced) - MSc
Mechanical Engineering Design - MSc
Mechatronics MSc
Media and Communication Industries MA
Media and Communication MA / MSc
Media and Communications Management (Vietnam) - MSc
Media and Creative Industries - MA / MRes
Media and Cultural Analysis MA
Media and Culture - MA
Media and Globalisation - MA
Media and Public Relations - MA
Media Communication and Global Development - MA
Media Management - MSc
Media Research - MRes
Medical and Healthcare Education - MSc
Medical Anthropology - MSc
Medical Biochemistry - MSc
Medical Biotechnology - MSc
Medical Imaging - MRes
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences - MSc
Medical Microbiology - MSc
Medical Ultrasound - MSc
Medieval and Renaissance Literary Studies - MA
Mental Health - MSc
Mental Health and Education - MSc
Mental Health Nursing - MSc
Mental Health Practice - MSc / MA
Microelectronics and Computer Engineering MSc
Midwifery - MSc
Midwifery and Women's Health MSc
Midwifery Practice (Advanced) - MSc
Military History - MA
Mindfulness and Compassion - MSc
Mobile Communications - MSc
Mobile Web Development - MSc
Molecular Biology - MRes / MSc
Molecular Cell Biology - MSc
Molecular Microbiology - MRes / MSc
Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking - MA
Multimedia Design and 3D Technologies (Advanced) - MSc
Multimedia Journalism MA
Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health MSc
Museum and Artefact Studies - MA
Museum and Heritage Development - MA
Music - MA
Music and Sound for Film and Games - MSc
Music and Sound Technology - MSc
Music for the Moving Image - MA
Music Production - MA
Music Technology - MSc
Music Therapy - MA
National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD)
Naval History - MA
Neuropharmacology - MRes / MSc
New and Renewable Energy - MSc
News Journalism - MA / PGDip
NGO and Development Management MSc
Nuclear Medicine - MSc
Nursing - MSc
Nursing (Adult) - MSc
Nursing (Learning Disabilities) - MSc
Nursing (Mental Health) - MSc
Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
Nursing Studies - MSc
Nutrition and Behaviour MSc
Nutrition in Practice - MSc
Nutritional Health - Certificate
Occupational and Organisational Psychology MSc
Occupational Health and Safety Management - MA/MSc
Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management - MSc
Occupational Psychology - MSc
Occupational Therapy - MSc
Oil and Gas Engineering - MSc
Oil and Gas Management - MSc
Oil Gas and Energy Law - LLM
Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc
Painting - MA
Palaeopathology - MSc
Paramedic Science MSc
Particles Strings and Cosmology - MSc
Peace and Conflict Studies - MA
Peace and Development - MA
Performance - MA
Performance Analysis - MRes
Performance Nutrition - MRes
Petroleum and Environmental Technology - MSc
Petroleum and Gas Engineering - MSc
Pharmaceutical Analysis - MRes
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Science - MRes
Pharmaceutical Science - MSc
Pharmaceutical Science (with specialism) MSc
Pharmaceutical Science and Medicinal Chemistry Diploma - MSc
Pharmacology - MRes / MSc
Pharmacology and Drug Discovery - MSc
Pharmacovigilance - MSc
Pharmacy Practice - MSc
Philosophy - Gdip / MA / Mlitt
Photography - MA
Photography and Collaboration - MA
Physical Activity and Health - MSc
Physical Activity Exercise and Health - MSc
Physical Education - MA
Physical Education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) - MSc
Physician Associate - MSc
Physician Associate Studies - MSc
Physics - MRes / MSc
Physics of Materials - MSc
Physics, Advanced - MSc
Physiotherapy - MSc
Planning Major Projects - MSc
Poetry Studies in - MA
Policing International - MPA
Policing Policy and Leadership - MSc
Policy Analysis and Global Governance - MSc
Political Communication International - MA
Political Economy International - MA
Political Psychology - MA
Politics - MA
Politics and International Relations - BA
Politics and International Relations (Political Theory) - MA
Politics Global - MSc
Popular Music and Culture - MA
Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology Applied - MSc
Post Production Editing - MA
Post Qualifying Professional Practice - MA
Power Electronics and Control - MSc
Practical Science Communication
Practice Based Play Therapy - MA
Practice Education - PGC
Primary Care Nursing - MSc
Printmaking - MA
Producing Film and Television - MA
Product Design - MA
Production Engineering and Operations Management - MSc
Professional Accounting - MSc
Professional Development - MA
Professional Development (Social Work) - MSc
Professional Studies - MA/MSc
Professional Studies Applied - MSc
Project and Infrastructure Management - MSc
Project Management - MSc
Property Development and Planning - MSc
Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology MSc
Psychological Research Methods - MSc / MRes
Psychological Sciences (Conversion) - MSc
Psychological Therapies - MA
Psychological Therapy in Primary Care - MSc
Psychology - MSc
Psychology and Learning Disability - MSc
Psychology Applied - MSc
Psychology in Clinical Practice - MSc
Psychology of Sport (Accredited) - MSc
Psychology of Sport and Exercise - MSc
Psychotherapy - MA
Public Administration - MPA
Public Economics - MSc
Public Health - Health Promotion - MSc
Public Health - MSc / MA
Public Health and Health Promotion - MSc
Public International Law - LLM
Public Policy - MPP
Public Relations and Strategic Communication - MA
Publishing - MA
Publishing Studies - Mlitt / MRes
Quality Management - MSc
Quantity Surveying - MSc
Quantity Surveying Commercial Management - MSc
Race Education and Decolonial Thought - MA
Radio and Mobile Communication Systems - MSc
Radio Documentary - MA
Radio Production - MA
Real Estate - MSc
Real Estate Finance and Investment - MSc
Real Estate Funding and Finance
Real Estate Investment - Msc
Real Estate Management - MSc
Refugee Studies - MA
Rehabilitation - MSc
Relations International - MA / MSc
Religion and Society - MA
Renewable Energy Engineering - MSc
Renewable Energy Systems Technology - MSc
Research in Clinical Psychology - MSc
Research Methods in Anthropology - MA
Research Methods in Developmental Psychology - MA
Research Methods in Education - MA
Research Methods in Geography - MA
Research Methods in Politics International Relations Security - MA
Research Methods in Psychology - MSc
Residential Property - MSc
Responsible Tourism Management - MSc
Retail Management and Marketing - MSc
Reviewing Research Literature
Risk - MA / MSc
Risk and Safety Management Professional Degree Apprenticeship - MSc
Risk Crisis and Resilience Management - MSc
Risk Governance and International Management - MSc
Risk Management and Finance International - MSc
Robotics - MSc
Romantic and Victorian Literary Studies - MA
Science - MRes
Science Communication - MSc
Science Fiction and Fantasy - MA
Science of Youth Coaching and Development - MSc
Sciences Applied - MRes / MA / MSc
Scientific Computing and Data Analysis - MSc
Scottish Literature - MLitt
Scriptwriting - MA
Security Management - MSc
Security Peace-building and Diplomacy - MSc
Social and Economic History (Research Methods) - MA
Social and Therapeutic Horticulture - DPD
Social Anthropology - MRes
Social Care - MA
Social Enterprise - MSc
Social History - MA
Social Media and Political Communication - MA
Social Research Applied - MRes / MSc
Social Research Applied (Social Statistics and Social Research) - MSc
Social Research Criminology Applied - MSc
Social Research Health and Wellbeing - MRes
Social Research Methods (Criminology) - MA
Social Research Methods (Social Policy) - MA
Social Research Methods (Sociology) - MA
Social Research Sustainable Futures - MRes
Social Science Applied - MSc
Social Science Research (Business and Management Studies) - MSc
Social Science Research (Communication and Media) - MSc
Social Science Research (Social Policy) - MSc
Social Science Research (Sport and Exercise Science) - MSc
Social Sciences - MRes
Social Welfare and Social Policy International - MSc
Social Work - MA / MSc / MSW / Prof Doc
Social Work Practice Advanced - MA
Socio-Cultural Anthropology - MA
Sociology - MA
Software Development - MSc
Software Engineering - MSc
Sonic Arts - MA
Sound and Music for Interactive Games - MSc
Sound Design - MA
Sound Design for Film and Television - MA
Special Educational Needs - MA
Special Educational Needs and Disability - MA
Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - MSc
Specialist Practice (District Nursing) - MSc
Speech and Language Therapy - MSc
Sport Analytics and Technologies - MSc
Sport and Exercise Biomechanics - MSc
Sport and Exercise Medicine - MSc
Sport and Exercise Nutrition - MSc
Sport and Exercise Physiology - MSc
Sport and Exercise Psychology - MRes
Sport and Exercise Science - MRes / MSc
Sport and Exercise Science Applied - MSc
Sport Biomechanics - MSc
Sport Business - MA / Mres
Sport Business and Innovation - MSc
Sport Business and Leadership - MSc
Sport Coaching - MSc
Sport Health and Exercise Sciences - MSc
Sport Law - LLM
Sport Management - MSc
Sport Management Politics and International Development - MSc
Sport Marketing - MSc
Sport Marketing and Promotion - MSc
Sport Nutrition - MSc
Sport Performance - MSc
Sport Science - MRes
Sports and Exercise Therapy - MSc
Sports Events Management - MSc
Statistics with Data Analytics - MSc
Strategic Leadership - MBA
Strategic Project Management - MSc
Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management - MSc
Strategic Sustainable Business - MSc
Strength and Conditioning - MSc
Strength of Materials - Advanced
Structural Engineering - MSc
Structural Engineering with Management - MSc
Structural Engineering with Materials - MSc
Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management) - MSc
Student Affairs in Higher Education - MA
Studies in Poetry - MA
Supply Chain Management - MSc
Supply Chain Management and Logistics - MSc
Sustainability - MSc
Sustainability and Environmental Management - MSc
Sustainability Culture and Development - MSc
Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Design - MSc 
Sustainable Aquaculture - MSc
Sustainable Cities - MA
Sustainable Design and Construction - MSc
Sustainable Development in Practice - MSc
Sustainable Electrical Power - MSc
Sustainable Energy- Technologies and Management - MSc
Sustainable Planning - MSc
Sustainable Planning and Environmental Management - MSc
Sustainable Planning and Transport - MSc
Sustainable Tourism - MBA
Systems and Control - MSc
Systems Engineering - MSc
Tax Law International - LLM
Taxation and Finance International - MSc
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - MSc / MA / Med
Technology - MRes
Telecommunications Engineering - MSc
Television Content Development and Production - MSc
Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies - MSc
Terrorism International Crime and Global Security - MA
Textile Design Innovation - MA
Theatre Directing - MA / MFA
Theology and Religion - MA
Theology Anglican Studies - MA
Theology Catholic Studies - MA
Theology Christian - MA
Thin Film Technologies Advanced - MSc
Tourism and Hospitality Management International - MSc
Tourism Hospitality and Event Management International - MSc
Tourism Management - MSc
Tourism Management International - MSc
Tourism Marketing Management - MSc
Town and Regional Planning - MA
Town Planning - MSc
Trade and Commercial Law International - LLM
Trade and Economic Law International - LLM
Trade and Finance International - MSc
Translation and Conference Interpreting - MSc
Translation Studies - MA
Transport Engineering and Planning - MSc
Transport Planning - MSc
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literary Studies - MA
Understanding and Supporting Behaviour - LLM
Urban and Rural Planning - MSc
Urban Design - MA
Urban Planning - MSc
Urology - Master of Surgery
User Experience Design - MA
Victimology - MSc
Virtual Reality - MA
Visual Culture - MA
Waste and Resource Management - MSc
Water and Environmental Management - MSc
Water and Sanitation Management Diploma International - MSc
Water Engineering - MSc
Wildlife Conservation in Practice Advanced - MSc
Wildlife Filmmaking - MA
Wireless Communication Systems - MSc
Work Psychology - MSc
Youth Work and Community Development - MA

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