Available Postgraduate Courses

Play Overseas works with universities across the United Kingdom. Across our wide range of partner universities we are able offer students the opportunity to further their sporting career and study a masters degree in one of the below subjects:

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There are currently 94 postgraduate courses in this directory beginning with the letter E.
e-Health - MSc
Early Childhood Education - MA
Early Childhood Leadership and Practice - MA
Early Years Practice Health Visiting - MSc
Economics - MSc
Economics and Business Strategy - MSc
Economics and Finance - MSc
Economics and International Business - MSc
Economics Experimental - MSc
Economics Finance and Banking - MSc
Economics for Business and Policy - MSc
Economics Public - MSc
Education - MA / MSc
Education (Early Years) - MA
Education and Leadership Professional - MSc
Education International - MA
Education Practice - MA
Education Studies - MA
Educational Assessment - MSc
Educational Leadership - MA / MSc
Educational Leadership and Management - MBA
Educational Research - MRes
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - MSc
Electrical Automotive Engineering - MSc
Electronic and Electrical Engineering - MSc
Electronic Systems - MRes
Embedded Intelligent Systems - MSc
Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems - MSc
Emergency Management and Resilience - MSc
Employment Relations and Human Resource Management - MSc
Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation - MRes / MSc
Energy and Natural Resources Law - LLM
Energy and Power Systems Management - MSc
Energy and Society - MSc
Energy Law and Policy International - LLM
Energy Law and the Environment - LLM
Engineering - MRes
Engineering Aerospace - MSc
Engineering and Management - MSc / MA
Engineering Automotive - MSc
Engineering Business Management - MSc
Engineering Cybernetics and Communications - MSc
Engineering Design - MSc
Engineering Electrical and Electronics - MSc
Engineering Electronics - MSc
Engineering Electronics and Communications - MSc
Engineering Geology - MSc
Engineering Learning at Work - MA/MSc
Engineering Management - MSc
Engineering Manufacturing - MSc
Engineering Mechanical - MSc
Engineering Professional - MSc
Engineering Project Management - MSc
English Language and Linguistics - MLitt
English Language Teaching - MA
English Literary Research - MRes
English Literary Studies - MA
English Literature - MA
English- Contemporary Literatures - MA
Enhanced Educational Practice - MEd
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education - MA
Entrepreneurial Design Management - MSc
Entrepreneurship - MSc
Entrepreneurship and Business Development - MSc
Entrepreneurship and Innovation - MRes
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management - MSc
Entrepreneurship Finance and Innovation - MSc
Environment Heritage and Policy - MSc
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics - MSc
Environmental Consultancy - MSc
Environmental Geology and Contamination - MSc
Environmental Health - MSc
Environmental Health Professional Practice - MSc
Environmental Law and Sustainable Development - LLM
Environmental Management - MSc / Mres
Environmental Management for Agriculture - MSc
Environmental Monitoring for Management - MSc
Environmental Policy and Governance - LLM / MSc
Environmental Sustainability - MRes
Equality and Diversity - MSc
Equine Performance Health and Welfare - MRes / MSc
Ergonomics (Human Factors) - Diploma MSc PG certificate
Ergonomics in Health and Community Care - MSc
European Master's in Renewable Energy - MSc
European Trade and Commercial Law - LLM
Events Management - MSc
Events Management International - MSc
Events Marketing - MSc
Executive - MBA
Executive and Business Coaching - MA
Executive Education Diploma - MSc
Exercise as Medicine - MSc
Exercise Physiology - MSc / MRes
Experimental Economics - MSc

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