Available Postgraduate Courses

Play Overseas works with universities across the United Kingdom. Across our wide range of partner universities we are able offer students the opportunity to further their sporting career and study a masters degree in one of the below subjects:

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There are currently 42 postgraduate courses in this directory beginning with the letter I.
Illustration - MA
Illustration and Animation - MA
Illustration and Book Arts - MA
Inclusive Education - MEd
Inclusive Practice in Education - MA
Industrial Mathematical Modelling - MSc
Industrial Product Design - MSc
Information and Network Security - MSc
Information and Technology - MSc
Information Management - MSc
Information Management and Business Technology - MSc
Information Security and Digital Forensics - MSc
Information Systems - MSc
Information Systems Management - MSc
Information Technology - MSc
Innovation and Applied Entrepreneurship - MSc
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship - MSc
Integrated Industrial Design - MSc
Integrated Product Design - MSc
Integrative Counselling and Coaching - MSc
Intellectual Property and Data Protection Law - LLM
Intellectual Property Law - LLM
Intellectual Property Law International - LLM
Intellectual Property LLM
Intelligence - MSc
Intelligence and Security Studies - MA
Intercultural Communication - MA
Intercultural Communication and Education - MA
Interdisciplinary Psychology - MA
Interior Architecture and Design - MA
Interior Design - MA
International Development - MA
Internet of Things - MSc
Internet of Things with Cyber Security - MSc
Investigative Forensic Psychology - MSc
Investment Analysis - MSc
Investment and Finance International - MSc
Investment Management - MSc
Islamic Finance - MSc
Islamic Finance and Management - MSc
IT Law and Policy - LLM
IT Security - MSc

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