Over our years working with international student-athletes and college coaches, we are proud to have received some kind testimonials for the services we provide. Here is what some people have had to say about our service.

“Play Overseas was very helpful in helping me fulfill a dream of mine to continue my career. They were responsive and able to answer all my questions in a timely manner. The process was much easier than I anticipated with their help. Would 100% recommend.”
Tyler Benjamin (Basketball - 2021/22)Salve Regina University, NCAA D3
“During my senior season in the United States, my Coach started asking me about what I was going to do after finishing my undergraduate degree. I knew that I wanted to get a postgraduate degree, but I was not sure where since I did not want to stop playing Volleyball yet. That was when she told me about Play Overseas.

I reached out to Play Overseas to see if this was an option for me. It was easy to communicate with Harry. I filled out a quick application, I sent some videos of me playing, and he agreed to help me find a University in the UK. He put me in touch with a couple of schools, and he helped me with everything (applications, paperwork, etc.) during the process. Play Overseas was a great support during this time.

I am thankful for this opportunity, and I would definitely recommend working with Harry and Play Overseas. They support you through the entire process and help as much as they can to find the best fit for each of their student-athletes. That is why I want to thank Play Overseas for everything they have done for me! I am super excited to start my master’s degree while being part of a Volleyball team this fall.”

Lara Picht (Volleyball - 2019/20)Oral Roberts University, NCAA D1
“I came in contact with Harry through my brother, and instantly I could sense he was a determined person. Basketball is not all my life but a very important part of it. It was basketball that helped me get and education and graduate with a business degree. So when I finished college, I was at a crossroads where I still wanted to play competitively and also pursue my education.

Harry was essential in making sure I get to follow both of my passions. In other words, he kept my dream alive! For months, he relentlessly sought opportunities that were competitive sports-wise but also affordable. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the process unfolded; there was never a point where I wasn’t aware of what the situation was. Harry and I have been constantly talking, and he made sure to always inform me in timely fashion despite huge differences in time zones.

His arduous work has led me to sign a scholarship to play basketball at a top University, where I will also be a candidate for a Masters of Science in Management: International Business. Without Play Overseas, none of this would have been possible”

Déma Sané (Basketball - 2017/18)Oklahoma City University, NAIA
“Play Overseas was extremely helpful – they got me into contact with schools in the UK, and when I made the decision to attend one they were constantly checking in and doing everything possible to help the process go more smoothly.”
Elizabeth Ott (Lacrosse - 2021/22)Cornell College, NCAA D3
“Play Overseas helped me to connect with schools, get in contact with coaches, and provided invaluable advice on the overseas athletic experience! They helped me to find opportunities that I did not even know existed, and I certainly would not be studying in the U.K. without their assistance!”
Natalie Konerth (Field Hockey - 2017/18)American University, NCAA D1
“Harry and PlayOverseas got in touch during the spring of my senior year. Hearing about the opportunity to continue my education and lacrosse career in the UK was something I couldn’t pass up.

Harry was great connecting me with schools and coaches. He put me in touch with schools that I didn’t know existed and helped me find an incredible opportunity to study abroad and play lacrosse at a top UK university both academically and athletically.

Harry was a huge help throughout the process and I highly recommend using his services if you are considering continuing your education and athletic career. Thank you to Harry and PlayOverseas for helping me find the opportunity to study and play at a top University next year!”

Ian Sime (Lacrosse - 2017/18)Westminster College, NCAA D2
“When my senior season ended, I knew I wasn’t ready to give up basketball just yet. I was considering Grad school in the US, however I still wanted to play competitive basketball and overseas was the only option where I could do both.

Harry at Play Overseas helped me through the whole process and presented me with opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Harry helped me get into a university that matched my academic and athletic interests.

I would recommend Play Overseas to any college athlete looking to further their education and playing career!”

Samantha Famulare (Basketball - 2019/20)The College of New Jersey, NCAA D3
“Both Harry and the PlayOverseas team have been a great help in me pursuing my masters degree and continuing my passion of playing football.

Harry contacted me the beginning of my senior year about the opportunity to play overseas and pursue my masters and has been a huge help in me being able to get in contact with coaches and being able to discover opportunities in England I did not know existed.

I could not pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad and play a sport that I have loved my entire life. Harry and his team were a huge help during the long process and I thank them for helping me through out.”

Tyler Zilen (Football - 2019/20)Millersville University, NCAA D2
“After the conclusion of my undergraduate career, I knew not only that my BA was not the last degree that I would earn, but also that my time on the basketball court had not come to an end. Harry and the Play Overseas agency were instrumental in making my goals come to fruition over the few months following my college graduation.

As a student-athlete with a strong academic profile, Play Overseas married my desires to prolong my playing career and to increase my educational attainment in a way that suited me as both a basketball player and a student.

Harry worked relentlessly on my behalf, made himself available for any questions I had, and put me in touch with the proper individuals to help me find the right fit and I’m immensely thankful for the opportunity I’ve been presented with”.

Gebereal Baitey (Basketball - 2019/20)Emory University, NCAA D3
“A special thank you to Play Overseas who have made all of this possible. I’m greatly appreciative of the opportunity and can’t wait to be out there on the pitch. Harry was able to connect to me West Ham United in the U.K. While going through this process, he was very engaged in what I was doing, and making sure that I was getting an abundance of help.

Through the work of Harry and the Play Overseas team I was able to get in contact with a program I might not have on my own, while giving me the ability to further my education.”

Zoe Swift
Zoe Swift (Soccer- 2018/19)University of Kentucky, NCAA D1
“Pursuing my Master’s degree is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time; I just never knew where or when I wanted to study for it. I got my undergrad degree in America while playing NCAA golf for my full 4 years of eligibility. Transitioning into the work world after graduating was almost a culture shock to me: for the first time in my life, I wasn’t playing golf 5-6 days a week while going to school, and it was totally foreign to me.

As I began looking into grad schools right around the 1 year mark at my job, I came across Play Overseas and discovered an amazing opportunity to get the Master’s degree I’ve always wanted, but also continue my passion for golf.

I thank Harry and everyone at Play Overseas for my opportunity to study and play golf for Durham University this coming Fall!”

Drew Nelson (Golf- 2018/19)Dominican University of California, NCAA D2
“PlayOverseas provided me with everything I needed to follow a dream: to play volleyball in another county. Harry helped me find a place to play as well find a program where I can complete a masters degree in one year.

He was there every step of the way to answer any and all questions I had about applications and living in England. He connected me immediately with the correct people and made the steps in this process simple enough to keep me moving forward in a timely manner, where I could start the next school year.

PlayOverseas is eager to see my success and without their help I wouldn’t have known of the opportunities that exist to accomplish what I have always wanted to do.”

Morgan Little (Volleyball- 2018/19)McPherson College, NAIA
“I had a great experience working with Play Overseas. They were always there when I needed them. Whether I had a question regarding the process with the coaches or regarding the visa. I recommend every athlete who has this opportunity to work with Play Overseas. They are a very professional group and are really hands on when it comes to finding you a good fit.”
Niv Konfino (Basketball - 2018/19)Brooklyn College, NCAA D3
“I came into contact with Harry through my coach after my senior season ended. I never really thought of pursuing my masters but knew I wasn’t done playing volleyball yet. After talking with Harry I decided that getting my masters and being able to continue playing the sport I love was the best option for me. He was very helpful at finding me not only the perfect school for my masters but also volleyball wise.

Harry does everything possible to find the perfect fit for everyone. He is also incredibly helpful and was willing to go to any length to help me get answers to questions I had about going overseas and school. Even after season started he still keeps in contact to make sure things are going well. He really cares about every athlete and there needs.

I’m so thankful for Harry and PlayOverseas for giving me the opportunity to continue my education while also continuing to pursue my passion in sports!”

Taylor Garner (Volleyball- 2018/19)Benedictine University, NCAA D3
“When I first spoke with Harry and Play Overseas I told them it’d be a dream to play golf while pursuing a masters degree. I knew I wanted to find a combination of great academics plus great athletics, just as I had at Rice University. Within a very short period of time Harry was able to find the perfect match at Durham University. I am forever grateful for Harry and Play Overseas for giving me such a unique and incredible opportunity.”
Jay Burlison (Golf- 2019/20)Rice University, NCAA D1
“Harry and the Play Overseas team have been a great help. It was a easy process thanks to harry. If I needed help it was easy to reach out for help and get a response in a timely manner. I would recommend their assistants to anyone wanting to play at the next level. You’ll be in good hands!”
Alex Attia
Alex Attia (Football- 2017/18)Seton Hill University, NCAA D2
“With the help of Harry and the Play Overseas program I was able to continue to pursue a higher level of education while continuing to play the sport I am most passionate about. Harry made the process of applying to an overseas school super easy and was there for help when I needed it every step of the way!”
Elizabeth Cruz (Soccer - 2018/19)University of California Merced, NAIA

“I personally want to thank Harry and the organization for providing me with the opportunity to fulfill my dream of playing volleyball overseas in Europe.I would have never though that I’d be able to combine that with my masters studies plus have the experience of living abroad. The process was very smooth and friendly. Thank you Harry!”

Edgardo Cartagena (Volleyball - 2018/19)Ball State University, NCAA D1

“Thanks to PlayOverseas I’m able to experience a new culture of opportunities that I’ve never thought I would experience. The atmosphere here is positive and motivates me more to strive to be the best I can be in life.”

Kenyatte Allen (Football - 2018/19)Robert Morris University Illinois, NAIA

“PlayOverseas has given me the chance of a lifetime to continue my athletic career and education in the UK. My process was long but Harry and PlayOverseas made it smooth sailing. This is going to be a great a experience!!”

DeWan White (Basketball- 2018/19)University of Missouri of St. Louis, NCAA D2

“Harry contacted me as I was finishing studying in the states and gave me a fantastic opportunity coming home to the UK. Harry put me in the best position in to speak to some of the best sporting programs in the country which also allowed me to complete my postgraduate studies. I am now about to play golf and study my Management MA at Durham University; a consistent top ten performer in University sports and one of the top Universities in the country.”

Alex Baguley (Golf - 2018/19)Keiser University, NAIA

“Play Overseas put me in contact with a number of universities in the UK and with their help I was able to find the perfect place to pursue a Master’s degree as well as continue my playing career outside of the U.S.”

Jacob Ly (Soccer - 2017/18)Knox College, NCAA D3

“This experience has been nothing short of a blessing. God has used Harry and Play Overseas to connect me with an opportunity that I could never have found alone. Both have been so responsive and dedicated to pursuing opportunities for me. Harry took initiative to send my information to coaches that have now become my coaches.

Play Overseas was too easy!! Do NOT hesitate to send in an application and watch God do His will. Thank God for a company that fought for my passion when I didn’t have the time to, and for giving me more than assistance in placing me on my next path. UK bound baby!”

Ebonie Hicks (Volleyball - 2019/20)West Virginia Wesleyan College, NCAA D2

“Play Overseas helped me get in contact with teams over in England with opportunities that I didn’t know were possible. I’m thankful and blessed to have been introduced to Harry and wouldn’t have been able to where I’m at today without him.”

Tevis Robinson (Basketball - 2017/18)Johnson & Wales University, NAIA D1

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