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Study and Play Rugby in the UK

Most UK universities will field multiple rugby teams to ensure all of their players, regardless of ability level, sporting experience or level of study, have the chance to represent their university in official competition.

Working directly with the strongest rugby universities throughout the U.K. we can provide students a variety of exciting opportunities to further their ambitions in rugby, alongside their university degree.

Play Rugby

Play Rugby

Play Overseas can help you to extend your rugby career and identify opportunities that meet your sporting ambitions.

Pursue A Degree

Study either a Bachelor’s degree which typically last three years, or a Master’s degrees which are often completed in one year.

Save Money

Tuition fees in the UK are generally lower than in the US, and the shorter duration of UK programs will help you save money in the long run.

Why Pursue Your Degree In The UK?

Graduate Quicker

In the U.K. it takes three years for a student to complete their undergraduate degree and just one year for a master’s degree!

If you opted to spend your entire college in the UK, you could complete both your bachelor’s and master’s degree in four years – the same time it would take you to complete your bachelor’s degree in the United States!

Make Savings

The average cost of tuition is considerably cheaper in the UK compared to both US undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees.

There is also the opportunity to reduce costs even further with academic, international, and sport scholarships being offered at most UK universities.

Right: Figures based on estimated amounts only.

Pathway into Professional Rugby Leagues

University rugby in the UK is renowned for its elite level of competition and strong tradition, often serving as a pathway for talent development into professional rugby leagues.

Whether you have aspirations of playing professional rugby or simply wish to find a university where you can compete for fun alongside your studies, U.K. universities offer a wide range of opportunities to match your ability and level of interest.

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