Available Postgraduate Courses

Play Overseas works with universities across the United Kingdom. Across our wide range of partner universities we are able offer students the opportunity to further their sporting career and study a masters degree in one of the below subjects:

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There are currently 55 postgraduate courses in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Data Analytics - MSc
Data Analytics Applied - MSc
Data Analytics for Business - MSc
Data Science - Mres / MSc
Data Science and Analytics - MSc
Data Science and Computational Intelligence - MSc
Data Science for Business - MSc
Defence Development and Diplomacy - MSc
Design - MA
Design and Branding Strategy - MA
Design and Culture - MA
Design and Transport - MSc
Design Innovation - MA / Mres
Design Innovation Management - MSc
Design Management - MA
Design Practice Professional - MA
Design Strategy and Innovation - MA
Design- Products and Furniture - MA
Design- Products and Technology - MSc
Development Law International - LLM
Developmental Psychology (Research Methods) - MA
Developmental Psychopathology - MSc
Dietetics - MSc
Digital Communication Systems - MSc
Digital Creative Media - MSc
Digital Design and Branding - MSc
Digital Design Innovation - MSc
Digital Economy - LLM
Digital Effects - MA
Digital Games Theory and Design - MA
Digital Innovation Management - MSc
Digital Marketing - MBA
Digital Marketing - MSc / MA
Digital Marketing Management - MSc
Digital Media - MSc
Digital Media and Society - MA / MSc
Digital Media Arts - MA
Digital Music Practice - MA
Digital Service Design - MSc
Digital Technologies - MRes
Digital Technology for Engineering - MSc
Diplomacy and International Governance - MRes
Diplomacy Business and Trade - MSc
Diplomacy Law and Global Change - MA
Diplomacy Statecraft and Foreign Policy - MSc
Directing Film and Television - MA
Disaster Management - MSc
Disaster Management and Resilience - MSc
Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics - MSc
Distributed Computing Systems Engineering - MSc
Documentary Filmmaking - MA
Documentary Journalism - MA
Documentary Production - MA
Drama and Creative Writing in Education - MA
Dramatherapy - MA

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