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Play Overseas helps student-athletes extend their sporting career beyond their senior year of eligibility. Our free one to one college counselling service will allow you to explore what options you will have overseas.

Study Abroad with Play Overseas

We provide a free service help student-athletes to experience both sport and education overseas.

As a study abroad student in the U.K. you’ll study in classes, go to lectures, seminars and tutorial classes with our other full-time students, and gain invaluable first-hand experience of studying in a different academic environment.

You will also get to experience the sporting culture of another country, represent your university in your selected sport and even look to join a local club!

You will also earn credit for the classes you pass during your time studying abroad!

Whether you wish to come to the U.K. to experience playing overseas or are simply a passionate sport fan and want to watch live Premier League matches, the U.K. has a great deal of sporting opportunities to offer.

As a study abroad student-athlete you will have the option to decide if you wish to compete during your time in the U.K. or take time away from your sport and enjoy your semester overseas.

For those that wish to compete, you can look to join your university team and in some sports, even a local club! We will help to link you with the coaches at your selected university should you wish to train with them once you arrive in the U.K.

Working with a wide range of universities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we are able to present a wide range of academic options to our Study Abroad students, allowing them to study almost any subject!

We will look to present options to match your both academic and sporting goals during your time abroad. You can identify your preferred area of study during the application process.

You can study abroad for the amount of time that best suits you. Study abroad for either one semester or a full academic year.

  • Full Academic Year : The complete overseas experience! Study a full academic year in the UK, compete in a full season of sport and have time to travel. A year in the U.K. will give you the chance to experience all the U.K. has to offer.Full academic year dates: September to May
  • One semester : A great way to sample a new culture. As a student-athlete you can choose to study abroad during your off season, so you are ready to return and compete alongside your teammates the following year. This is your chance to get an insight to life overseas at a time that best suits you.One semester abroad dates:
    – Fall Semester, September to December
    – Spring Semester, January to May
  • Summer Abroad?

We will support you the whole way through the process; helping you to evaluate your options and scholarship offers as well as being there to assist with the admission and student visa application should you decide to take your career overseas!

The type of visa that you need to pursue your study abroad placement will depend on your nationality and the length of time that you plan to spend in the U.K. Our study abroad service is open to students of any nationality. Should you require a visa for your semester or year in the U.K. we will assist in your student visa application and ensure you have everything ready (flights, accommodation and insurance) before setting of on your overseas adventure.

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